/Shop Contest: Fallout 76 Exploration Committee, Winners!

Shop Contest: Fallout 76 Exploration Committee, Winners!

The weird wasteland of Fallout 76 is coming to wide release soon, and I asked you all to provide me with some interesting things that the characters of that game might see during their exploration. You did not disappoint.

The unknown is a scary thing, and while Fallout 76 seems to be delivering what we might expect from the franchise, there’s always the chance for a swerve or something unpredictable. I love the moments in Bethesda games when I walk around a corner and see something special.

Our winner this week is Hands of Orlok, who took a moment of “oh wow” from Dark Souls and neatly placed it into the same context for our hapless Wanderers of the Wasteland. The dastardly duo waiting there are probably a bit easier if you have a laser rifle.

But there are also lots of honorable mentions this week. I encourage you to read through all of the comments on the original post to see some excellent entries that didn’t make it in the mentions.

El Duderino shows us that disappointment also never changes.

cecil_banon shows off some real hell world stuff.

Done With Kinja has pointed out something important: I am incredibly surprised that a Bethesda game has not done a wink-wink, nudge-nudge extended side quest referencing From Dusk Til Dawn. Did they do it and I’ve just forgotten?

Chelsea of Tranquility lets us know that they should probably turn back. Maybe they’ll go on a different journey.

GenMan turns Fallout 76 into a very different game.

Bob is going to change war forever.

Lharm wants to get off this ride.

RawApples09 identifies the true enemy of the wastes.

rogueIndy is going to send a rag-tag group of friends into the friendly skies to find adventure, but there’s like a 40% chance the Brotherhood of Steel blasts them out of the sky.

ConManEd turned it into a world of vault hunters.

Indoril Nerevar went back a couple months to find something that no one wants to see.

religiousjedi is digging up the past. With it, they will make the future.

Arai-the fly on the wall has created a TIME PARADOX.

MechaBot found the big boy.

sciteach shows us exactly the kind of thing that no one wants to see in Fallout 76.

ChrisMc is probably a proponent of the theory that the Wanderers could have just taken Vertibirds into Mordor, but you know what? They can’t. There are…reasons. Magic reasons.

Christopher F. Arnold found history.

MiiXD discovered what all of this post-apocalyptic violence was about.

That’s it for the winners this week! Thanks to everyone who participated, and keep a look out for next week’s ‘Shop Contest!