ESPN is Finally Embracing Esports as an Actual Sport

The major sports network, famous for showing basketball, football, and a wide variety of other “on the field sports” has finally given esports the attention it deserves. ESPN has held esports tournaments in the past but they won’t compare to the new EXP sports series that they’re starting.

This EXP esports series premiered with Apex Legends in July, specifically during the ESPYS in LA and at the X Games in Minneapolis. If you’re looking to tune into these events don’t fret, it’s not going to just be on ABC and ESPN’s networks. You can also tune in online to see everything happening in real-time, whereas the taped highlights will be the only things aired on ESPN’s regular TV network.

A Different Tournament for ESPN

ESPN has handled esports tournaments before, but they haven’t ever been this dedicated. It seems that they’re moving to make esports as popular and accessible as any other sport. ESPN will still, of course, be focused on other sports for the time being. But this move puts esports in the same ring as the others. Verifying its legitimacy from a regular sports broadcaster.

This move means they’re taking esports all the way. The EXP series is going to have several tier levels, which will be Professional, Professional Amateur, and College levels. These will work just like every other sport to divide people into the right class, giving them appropriate competition for their skill level. ESPN is finally treating esports just like the other sports it shows.

On top of all the great changes they’re making for esports, ESPN isn’t just hosting an Apex Legends tournament. This event is going to also permit celebrities to play, along with anyone who wants to donate to the ESPN charity drive that kicked off on July 12th. So if you’ve ever wanted to get into esports and love Apex Legends this may be your chance to play with some celebrities and big league professionals.

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