How E-Sport is Impacting Authoritative Parenting

There are many types of parenting. 21st-century parenting differs in many ways, with the previous ages of parenting. Parenting has dramatically transitioned from the Generation X to the Baby boomer and now the millennial, these three generations have unique ways of parenting. The four main common types of parenting include:

  • Permissive
  • Uninvolved
  • Authoritative
  • Authoritarian

Authoritative parenting is inclusive, unlike the other three types of parenting. Authoritative parenting is always trying to find ways to nurture and grow the children ability to grow mentally and become smart. With the ever-evolving technology in this day, upcoming trends like the E-sports are becoming a significant part of parenting. Here is why incorporating e-sport in authoritative parenting is effective.

E-Sport Enhances Mentally Challenging Bonding Time

E-sport is undeniably gaining massive recognition, mainly because we live in an era of social media. Parenting ion the millennial era has incorporated technology in all aspects. E-sport is one of the ways Authoritative millennial parents are using to sharpen the children mentally and bond at the same time. Numerous e games are being developed each day. Most games in e-sports have levels from the standard easy ones to the most complex ones. Parents are finding e-sports an excellent way to gauge the mental growth of their children through these games.  

E-Sport Can Be A Good Source Of Income for Authoritative Parents

E-Sport has become a social trend. Good business people will tell you that any social trend is the right way of making money. Since Authoritative parents are always trying to find time to nurture their children, e-sport can play as a good source of income, which also allows the parents more time with their children. Children born in the era of the internet barely recognize traditional sports as they find them less engaging. Creating spaces for the children to participate in e-sport can be highly lucrative
E-sport is the future of entertainment for all age group and the hub of business and career opportunities.

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