How Esports are Impacting Authoritative Parenting

There are many types of parenting, but 21st-century parenting differs from previous generations of parenting styles. Parenting has dramatically transitioned over the years due to many factors. And one of them is the esports industry. Never before have children been so tuned in to electronics. For that reason, parents must find healthy ways to bond and enjoy their kids.

The Four Types of Parenting Styles

The four main common types of parenting include:

  1. Permissive: The opposite of Authoritarian where anything goes within limits.
  2. Uninvolved: Little communication and extremely permissive.
  3. Authoritative: Clear, frequent communication with fair discipline.
  4. Authoritarian: A strict disciplinarian style.

Most child development experts believe authoritative parenting is the most healthy, effective parenting style of the three types of parenting. Authoritative parenting means always trying to find ways to nurture children, so they thrive mentally and physically.

However, there are challenges with the ever-evolving technology in this day. And that means upcoming trends like social media and esports are becoming a significant part of parenting. Read on to find out why incorporating esports in authoritative parenting is helpful.

Esports Enhances Mentally Challenging Bonding Time

Esports is undeniably gaining massive recognition, mainly because we live in an era of social media. Parenting in the millennial era has incorporated technology in all aspects. E-sport is one of the ways authoritative parents can sharpen children mentally and bond at the same time. Numerous games are debuting each day.

Most games in esports have levels, from the standard easy ones to the most complex ones. Parents are finding e-sports an excellent way to gauge the mental growth of their children through playing these games.

A Good Source of Income for Parents

Esports has become a social trend. Good business people will tell you that any social trend is the right way to make money. Since authoritative parents are always trying to find time to nurture their children, esports can be a good source of income that also allows parents more time with their children. Also, creating spaces for children to participate in esports can be highly lucrative

Gaming is the future of entertainment for all age groups as well as offering business and career opportunities. The esports industry is booming and it is here to stay. That means future opportunities for today’s youth. From coding to artwork, and from storylines to hardware, the jobs in this sector continues to grow.

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