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Immortals Gaming Club to Buy OpTic Gaming

Immortals Gaming Club has acquired OpTic Gaming, according to ESPN. This acquisition will cost Immortals an estimated $40 million. However, it will give them control over OpTic Gaming and all of its eSports teams and players. But they will also be responsible for the future payment of debts and fees that OpTic had accrued.

Notably, according to ESPN, that includes $15 million they owe to Riot Games’ League of Legend’s eSports league, the League Championship Series (LCS), and Activision-Blizzard’s Overwatch’s esports league, the Overwatch League (OWL).

Selling the Houston Outlaws

However, due to the rules of the OWL, Immortals Gaming Club needs to sell the Houston Outlaws, the OWL team OpTic Gaming owns. Immortals already owns a team in the OWL, the Los Angeles Valiant. This sale should recoup the majority of the price that Immortals will pay for OpTic Gaming.

As ESPN reported last year, the price for a team in the OWL can range somewhere from $20 million to $60 million. But, including the debts Immortals will have to assume, it doesn’t seem wise for OpTic Gaming to sell themselves for such a low fee. This is especially since their OWL spot could net them so much money by itself.

Control Over OpTic’s Teams

There are many possible explanations for that. But one could be that price for a spot in the OWL is so high right now. Also, the $20 million to $60 million figure ESPN reported is not a realistic price most organizations are willing to pay. But, with the purchase of OpTic Gaming, Immortals Gaming Club will have control over OpTic’s teams and players. They will control them in other gaming franchises, including Call of Duty, Gears of War and League of Legends.

Immortal’s re-entry into the LCS is notable as they didn’t get a spot in the LCS’s franchising system in late 2017 for many reasons. Fans from across the world did not react well to that news. So with this recent acquisition, it will be a homecoming for Immortals. In fact, they were an esports organization that started by purchasing a team in the LCS in 2016.

Also, Immortals wants to purchase a spot in the Call of Duty World League. It is the premier esports tournament for the Call of Duty franchise. Though Immortals will soon own OpTic Gaming, the illustrious 13-year history of OpTic will live on according to ESPN.

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