Will Blizzard’s New Overwatch Sequel Ever Happen?

A new report recently surfaced that Blizzard has Overwatch 2 in the works. This is surprising in some ways, but also makes a ton of sense. Overwatch has been wildly successful for Blizzard, and a sequel would hopefully rekindle some of the excitement for a new release. There are a couple of reasons why a sequel would be incredibly interesting.

The Story

Like much of Blizzard’s content, Overwatch has expansive lore yet to be fully explored by the game. Blizzard has supplemented their game story with other content including digital comics and a few digital shorts to tell character arcs. It still feels like there is so much about the world that we do not know.

An Overwatch 2 game feels like another opportunity to focus on characters and their background, whether it is the same characters or a new roster of characters. Using a new game as an engine to unveil more of the story would be a welcome addition. An expansion of Overwatch lore feels inevitable.

A New Style of Gameplay

Early indications appear there’s a new emphasis on new gameplay. Many expect Overwatch 2 to focus on a PvE style, moving away from the PvP multiplayer style that has made the game such a wild success. PvP has created an entire Overwatch E-sports league that has been incredibly successful. So, the decision to move away from that style is a curious one. However, the first Overwatch had some of those elements, as well.

Overwatch has seasonal events that include linear story-based missions. These events require players to be part of a team facing computer-controlled adversaries. This contrasts with the traditional Overwatch gameplay where teams play against other player-controlled teams to achieve an objective. A new PvE style of gameplay would be an interesting shakeup for Blizzard. It could potentially attract players less interested in multiplayer games.

Blizzard has yet to confirm any details about the new project or if the new project even exists. However, with numerous outlets stating this to be the case, it’s impossible to ignore the possibility. With Overwatch’s massive success upon release, it seems reasonable to expect the same for a sequel.

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